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Big Changes

VixelCraft OWNER posted Feb 27, 17

Hello VixelCraft community,

I am very happy to announce that huge changes are coming to the server! We are going to be the very first B-Team server to offer a VARIETY of gamemodes to choose from on B-Team, including Factions, GriefPrevention (golden shovel) and even Hunger Games!

When you join the server from now on, you will spawn in a hub from which you will be able to chose what game mode you want to play on.

Along with this hub we are upgrading the whole server, so you should experience a lot less lag when playing on any of our B-Team servers now!

If you are a donator and are wondering if you will get ranks on all the gamemodes, the answer is YES you will, and so will all future donators! This means when you donate (or if you have already donated) you will get the rank you payed for on all of our gamemodes, with unique perks on each gamemode.

Also, from now on, make sure you use the IP - the old IP will still work for a couple months but eventually it will be impossible to connect with it.

So connect to our B-Team server today and enjoy the new experience!

Starting today through to 7th February 2017, all the ranks on the B-Team server will be 50% off. If you want to buy a rank, nows the best time to get it for half the price!

We are back!

VixelCraft OWNER posted Jan 15, 17

VixelCraft is finally back. I now have more free time on my hand and while VixelCraft was a huge success before, I plan to take it even further this time. The B-Team server is now fully ready to join, the IP is

Whether you are a new player or have been playing VixelCraft years ago, you are very welcome to join the community (or re-join it) and have fun on the server!

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